Targeted Mud Packs in Exeter, NH

What’s in the Medi–Body Pack?

The need for targeted mud packing is determined by QRA testing.

The bio-energy field holds traumas such as surgeries, broken bones, scars, dog bites, vaccinations, physical injuries etc. (Dr. F.A. Popp, Quantum Physicist)

As these sites get older they can eventually cause interference fields (IF) by reflexing into other organs and glands weakening them, predisposing other symptoms.

These trauma sites attract heavy metals and toxins which accumulate in the connective tissue and interfere with nerve, lymphatic and meridian flow often causing pain and other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Oral supplements may have little effect on these bio-accumulated sites.

Medi-Body Pack, with its high cation exchange and osmotic pulling effect draws out heavy metals and toxins while eliminating pain and dramatically lessening the load on the immune system.

Is there any research on the muds and clays?

Yes. There is an enormous amount of research…over 840 worldwide clinical studies are available on PubMed( alone which proves how extraordinary these mud packs are.  Mud packs can quickly eliminate years of accumulated bio- accumulated toxins that impair nerve, lymphatic and the body’s energy flow (called “chi”). These accumulated toxins are known to delay healing or in many cases, prevent it altogether.

How does our Medi-Body Pack work?

The natural detoxifiers in the Medi-Body Pack are highly negatively charged.  Toxic, synthetic chemicals are positively charged.  When the wetted mixture of the Medi-Body Pack is applied to your skin, an osmotic pulling effect occurs where the positively charged ions of the chemical toxins are attracted to draw them out of the body.

What’s in the Medi–Body Pack?

  1. High cell resonance, unheated volcanic clay and unheated kaolin clay, rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals and rare earths with high detoxification capacity.
  2. Shilajit, a natural mineral resin from high mountainous areas of India, rich in key detoxifying organic acids.
  3. Peat magma, a carbon matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids, delivering critical nutrients to help the body heal itself.
  4. A full list of the spectrum of synergistic botanical agents (see ingredients below).
  5. All ingredients are free of toxic tag-alongs.

Ingredients include:

  • Unheated, rare Volcanic Clay
  • Unheated Kaolin Clay
  • Indian Shiljit
  • Peat Magma
  • Quantun state, synergistic, non-hybrid botanical agents

Areas of possible need for medi-packs:

  • Download Areas (left foot, right foot, left hand, right hand)
  • Vaccination Sites and surrounding Toxic Focal Sites
  • Chakras sites
  • Detoxification Organs – Kidney, Liver, Large Intestine
  • Target Areas: interference fields, scars, surgical, injury, pain and toxic focal sites etc.)

For Mud Packs Instructions, Please click here.

Can you tell us some experiences using Medi-Body Packs?

Clearing TMJ Symptoms One acupuncturist wrote, “In a single application of a Medi-Body Pack ™ to my left TMJ area, all TMJ symptoms cleared after years of other therapies that didn’t work.  I’ve also seen many other spectacular overnight results using Medi-Body Packs ™.  Definitely one of the more profound, overlooked therapies of today—clearing hidden toxicity.”

Chronic Stiff Neck In another case, a chiropractor in Torrance, CA used Medi-Body Packs ™ to relieve a middle-aged man with a chronic, long-standing stiff neck that interfered with normal sleep and was so painful it interfered with daily tasks as well.  This condition was resistant to all other previous therapies.  After using just 3 Medi-Body Packs ™ at the site on the neck, he achieved complete relief.

Dr. Bob Marshall, CEO, Premier Research Labs

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