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Hair Restoration with Fotona Laser Service at You Holistic in Exeter, NH

Hair loss can be a frustrating experience for many people. Fortunately, there are new and innovative treatments available that can help promote hair restoration. We offer revolutionary therapy for hair restoration using specialized growth factors in combination with laser therapy!


How It Works

When applied to the scalp, growth factors signal hair follicles to regenerate and regrow hair. The growth factors used foster cell-to-cell communication, which allows them to transfer information to cells within the damaged tissue. This process stimulates the hair follicles to trigger new hair growth and create thicker hair.

What makes our revolutionary treatment different?

Not only do we offer hair restoration treatments using powerful growth factors- we amplify the hair growth by combining the application of the growth factors with laser therapy!  This non-invasive laser therapy technique helps to stimulate hair growth. There is no downtime or medications involved with this procedure. The laser pulses activate cell signaling pathways that regulate hair growth as well as: 

  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Increases hair density and thickness
  • Promotes new follicle growth

If you are interested in learning more about our treatment options for hair restoration please contact us at 603-309-2030 or email us at info@youholistic.com

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