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Lyme & Coinfections

Currently, antibiotics are the treatment of choice for Lyme disease and its coinfections. However, because of Lyme’s complexity in transmission and virulence, this bacteria is becoming more resistant to antibiotics. Even though it’s the most common approach to treatment, antibiotics can damage the gut microbiome, and don’t always completely eradicate Lyme from the body, so other forms of treatment should be considered.
There are other options that may work more completely in the treatment of Lyme and co-infections.

The Comprehensive Approach

It’s essential to address the body as a whole when dealing with Lyme. A comprehensive approach is vital to complete healing from Lyme and coinfections. Because these pathogens can affect the entire body, supporting multiple functions can help eradicate the infection, improve drainage and organ function, and remove all toxins that could be inhibiting healing.

Complex but Treatable

Due to its complexity in infection and prevalent transmissibility from multiple vectors, the links between Lyme and many chronic issues may be more common than most people realize. Since these pathogens can manipulate the cells in malicious and detrimental ways while protecting themselves from the host’s immune system, it is important to start with drainage and work through the phases of effective detoxing.
By opening up the drainage pathways and boosting the body’s immune function, we can help patients trigger the natural healing process to rid their bodies of a variety of pathogens that can hinder overall health and well-being.

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