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Joint and ligament problems are often linked to poor diet, especially consumption of hydrogenated oils and/or fried foods, and infection (including bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic), which may be systemic or localized to specific joints.

Also linked to low pH (deficient minerals), intestinal infection (backup of waste products into liver which can then affect joints), heavy metal exposure/toxicity; lack of sunlight; dental toxicity/infection which may be reflexing to the joints.

Please note: In Oriental medicine, the liver meridian controls all the joints and ligaments of the body. Therefore, liver toxicity or stagnation can create weak or painful joints. When joint concerns are present, it is highly recommended to do liver detoxification (esp. Mini-Liver Flush and Premier Coffee Enemas).

Many joint problems completely resolve after liver detoxification. Especially avoid alcohol or fried food, which will typically worsen joint problems.

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