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Cellular/Growth Factors  Therapy
The American medical/pharmaceutical/insurance-based system while exemplary at treating trauma and medical emergencies, falls short in treating chronic and degenerative conditions. The pace of new scientific research in medical breakthroughs is exponential. Unfortunately, the standard medical system cannot keep up with this pace. As a result, a new state of the art Regenerative industry has developed alongside the standard medical model. Throughout the world, Regenerative Therapies have helped multitudes of patients recover from a vast variety of health conditions.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are found in many different tissues in the human body, including bone marrow, fat, amnionic fluid, placenta and umbilical cord. These cells have a natural ability to heal the body.

MSCs derived Exosomes are very small Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) — small packages of signaling information one thousandth the size of a cell. They are produced by virtually every cell type as a mean of intercellular communication. EVs contain proteins such as growth factors, enzymes, receptors, transcription factors and matrix proteins that govern cell structure, function and signaling. EVs have been shown to assist with tissue regeneration by reducing inflammation, modulating the immune system and secreting factors that can help with tissues regeneration.

When EVs deliver their contents to target cells, exosomal proteins can have direct effects on intracellular processes and signaling. Exosomal mRNA may be translated by the target cells to produce numerous copies of regenerative protein. 

Simply put, when growth factors are injected into a joint that is injured or a joint that suffers from a degenerative condition, trigger the body’s innate mechanisms to start repairing itself. At You Holistic, we provide Regenerative Therapies for Cartilage Regeneration, Tendon Regeneration, Enhancement of Surgical Repairs and Scar Prophylaxis.

Although, these therapies are NOT FDA approved and NOT covered by insurance, we make sure we use the highest quality biologic products that are processed in FDA registered labs.

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