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Our proteins, especially their structures, are constantly damaged. One of the main causes is oxidative stress. When proteins lose their proper structure, they lose their function and cells become less efficient. Loss of protein function causes chronic illness, aging, and a decline in performance. Avoiding the resulting loss of function requires constant regeneration of protein structures. NanoVi® Technology improves cellular activity and helps to repair the damage. In the device, water is specially humidified to contain energy by using specific electromagnetic frequency. This energy is carried through the vapor and when inhaled, the energy is transferred to your cells and proteins.

Wellness and Aging

Cellular activity begins to decline when people are in their 30s. The NanoVi device provides a proven and unique way of influencing cellular activities, including oxygen metabolism and oxidative response. It is used to promote health and slow the aging process at the cellular level. The effects include:

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Boosted energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Faster cellular regeneration
  • Better oxygen utilization
  • More vibrant skin

Sports & Performance

During an intense workout you metabolize far more oxygen than normal. Metabolizing this oxygen leads to oxidative stress from the free radicals that are a natural by-product of oxygen metabolism. This oxidative stress damages your cellular function causing cellular activity to decline, which means your cells age faster. The NanoVi device assists your cellular activities to better address damage. Cells rejuvenate faster, which helps athletes train harder, regenerate faster, and perform better.

Benefits of using the device before, during, or after a workout are seen in both performance and test results. Athletes using NanoVi may:

  • Produce less lactate acid in muscles
  • Generate more cell energy
  • Exhale less unused oxygen
  • Reduce their resting heart rate
  • Experience faster heart rate recovery

Health & Medicine

Whether your goal is to maximize vitality, address an illness, or optimize performance, improving cellular activity is essential. Most importantly, improved cellular activity helps you respond to oxidative stress damage. This damage is caused by free radicals and is implicated in the aging process and most chronic diseases. Since the incidence of chronic diseases is on the rise, improving cellular activity is an increasingly important health factor. Measuring markers for oxidative stress is a great way to confirm the benefits of the NanoVi device.

The tests used to show improvement include:

  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Metabolic testing
  • Volume of O2 exhaled unused
  • Peak flow measurement
  • Various markers and measures of enzymatic reactions

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