Our Services: Autohemotherapy in Exeter, NH

Autohemotherapy involves obtaining blood from a patient’s vein and injecting it into injured muscle,
jointor acupuncture points.

This therapy stimulates the production of the macrophages in the body.Macrophages are considered the front line cells which are responsible for the defensive reactions. Themacrophages circulate throughout the body with the sole purpose of removing foreign elements.

The macrophages eliminate bacteria, fungus, cancerous cells, and viruses. Moreover, this may eliminatefibrin which is a blood clot.

Autohemotherapy is most commonly used to improve immunity. It has frequently been used as acomplementary medicine for cancer, bronchitis, asthma, fungal infections, and other long term conditionssuch as gout.

The treatment is often integrated into a medical treatment plan that also includes other medications and nutrients. The treatment is thought to work on a diverse range of medical conditions bystimulating the natural immune response of the body.

This therapy is also used for treating sport injuries and effective healing is achieved at a much faster rate.While this therapy is not commonly used in the traditional medicine, it is a promising treatment that maybe the answer to various medical problems.

Historically referred to as serum therapy, autohemotherapy is also used as a preventative therapy againstdisease. This therapy, when used as a preventative measure, has been effective in reducing thedevelopment of some conditions.

For example, autohemotherapy has been successfully used as apreventive treatment against hypertension. Autohemotherapy is best used as a complementary totraditional medicine or as a preventative measure.

Autohemotherapy has many benefits. It is a low cost treatment option for chronic conditions. The numberof injections can vary depending on the illness. There are few negative side effects reported with the useof autohemotherapy. The most common side effects include slight, temporary fever or fatigue after theinjection.

The use of homeopathic remedies mixed with the blood is very common. These preparations canincrease the effectiveness of autohemotherapy. Ozone can also be added to the injection to increase itseffectiveness. Treatments are prepared based on the unique condition of each patient.

Autohemotherapy can be used for patients of all ages. Young children who suffer from frequent infectionscan use this therapy to boost immunity, while the elderly can use the therapy to overcome lingeringillnesses.

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