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Prolozone Therapy
Is a non-surgical procedure to eliminate or reduce pain by facilitating the body’sown natural ability to heal itself. Prolozone Therapy uses ozone to cause the proliferation, regeneration and rebuilding of new ligament and cartilage tissue in an area where they have become weak. It is excellent for all forms of musculo-skeletal and joint pain including chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative and arthritic hips and knees, degenerated discs and joints, weak ligaments and shoulder and elbow pain.

Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique that uses ozone, minerals, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. The use of ozone causes the joint to heal faster than in traditional Prolotherapy. This is because ozone is a highly reactive molecule and when injected into a joint capsule it is able to stimulate the fibroblastic joint repairing abilities. Prolozone brings oxygen into an area which promotes healthy cells and discourages unhealthy cells. The response to treatment varies from individual to individual and depends upon one’s healing ability and severity of injury. Some people need only two treatments, while others may need five or six or more. The injection process is repeated every 2 weeks until maximum improvement is noted. It may take more injections in those that have had severe pain for many years. Each situation requires its own protocol.

Ligaments are the structural bands that hold bones in joints, they act as body’s shock absorbers. Ligaments can become weak or injured and may not heal back to their original strength or endurance. They will also not tighten on their own to their original length once injured. This is largely because the blood supply to ligaments is limited, therefore healing is slow and often incomplete. To further complicate this, ligaments have many nerve endings, therefore the person will feel pain at the areas where the ligaments are damaged or loose.

Prolozone injections promote repair and tightening of the lax structures, partially torn connective tissue and ligaments. Prolozone halts the pain and inflammation cycle. This allows for better circulation, increased blood flow carrying nutrition, and hydration of the damaged tissues. This allows for a healing environment within the joint to develop and results in increased range of motion and decreased swelling and pain. Prolozone Therapy is a safe, natural and often permanent treatment. All the research indicates thereare no side effects when properly implemented.

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