Condition: Autoimmune System Treatment in Exeter, NH


Autoimmune diseases are diseases that can cause your immune system to attack your body. Your immune system defends you against external threats, since it can tell which cells are foreign or internal. However, with autoimmune diseases, your body is compromised and your immune system is generally unable to determine which cells are foreign and which are your own. As a result, it will attack healthy cells in your body that you need, thinking that they are threats.

Examples of autoimmune diseases include type 1 diabetes (immune system attacks the pancreas), rheumatoid arthritis (immune system attacks your joints), and multiple sclerosis. Some digestive disorders such as IBD are also considered autoimmune diseases, since your immune system attacks the lining of your digestive tract and intestines, causing inflammation and other symptoms.

If you are encountering symptoms that don’t seem to go away, it may be a sign of an autoimmune disease. Come visit our clinic to learn more and to be diagnosed with autoimmune tests before going over your treatment options.

Symptoms: fatigue, weight gainer loss, hair loss, skin reactions, inability to tolerate certain foods, achy and swollen joints, difficulty concentrating.

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