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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

HBOT in Exeter, NH is a non-invasive medical treatment that increases the volume of dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma.

The patient enters the hyperbaric chamber in Exeter, NH and through a mask breathes high concentrations of oxygen at a pressure higher than normal atmospheric.

This creates a state of hyperoxia.
Hyperoxia is a significant increase in the availability of
oxygen in the blood plasma. It promotes cellular metabolism and allows oxygen to reach the brain, cartilage, bones, and tissues that, due to various circulatory disorders, do not receive it properly.

How does Hyperbaric Therapy Work?

  • The patient breathes high doses of 02 in a hyperbaric environment.
  • High HYPEROXIA increases the volume of dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma.
  • The greatest diffusion of oxygen reaches the less irrigated tissues.
  • Hyperoxia produces a wide variety of physiological benefits to the body.
  • Read Article about HBOT effects on Tissue Regeneration

Physiological Effects Include:

  • Increases available O2 in small blood vessels
  • Formation of small blood vessels
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis and promotes wound healing
  • Bactericidal activity
  • Regulation of oxidative stress and the inflammatory response
  • Stimulation of stem cells
  • Increases cerebral blood flow and neuroprotection
  • Promotes osteogenesis and aids in bone repair
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