Erin Lacey, APRN

Erin Lacey, APRN at YouHolistic, Exter, NH

Erin Lacey is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. From a young age, Erin had always had a passion for biology and was intrigued by the fundamentals of life. This interest initially led her to the laboratory setting, after attaining her B.S. in Biology, and inevitably led her to nursing.

After earning her B.S.N. in an accelerated nursing program, Erin quickly realized that healthcare was in fact her home, and as many in healthcare state “her calling”.

Erin worked in the hospital setting for her career as a registered nurse, including medical-surgical, administration, and ER. Erin realized rather quickly that she wanted to advance her career and with two children she ventured on to pursue her FNP degree. As a Nurse Practitioner, Erin worked initially in the ER and urgent care setting.

As a provider, Erin had always taken a more holistic approach to treating her patients, as much as she was able in a setting that was driven by a traditional medicine model. Erin spent time actively “listening” to each patient and doing the best she could to address their individual needs and when appropriate gave them holistic/integrative approaches to their concerns and healthcare needs.

Erin considers herself a lifelong student on a boundless journey towards continued education to better serve her patients and those in her life. Today, Erin is a mother of three, and although she has always taken a holistic approach to healthcare, it was her eldest daughter who unintentionally drove her in the direction of functional medicine.

In an attempt to help her daughter with some health concerns the family implemented an elimination diet and they couldn’t have been more amazed at the significant and life-changing benefits their family experienced in such a short time, with only dietary changes. This was the driving force that Erin needed to aggressively pursue Functional Medicine and make it her goal to bring what she had learned and experienced to others.

Erin’s passion is to show her patients that there is another way to approach their health outside of the traditional model which has failed so many. Erin strives to teach her patients to recognize the importance of lifestyle modifications, understand how these changes can and will dramatically impact their health, quality of life, and longevity and to help them to navigate this new concept and lifestyle.

Diet is fundamental to wellness. In a world where we are surrounded by toxins, stressors and genetically modified foods with less nutritional value, our bodies are starving for nutrition and fighting an endless battle with chronic inflammation. Erin hopes to help her patients to reinvent their relationship with food and to find balance again.

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