Adrianne Carroll, Patient Coordinator

Adrianne Carroll, Patient Coordinator at You Holistic

Adrianne Carroll is the Functional Medicine Patient Coordinator at You Holistic Longevity Center.

Adrianne has always been passionate about helping others, which led her to Functional Medicine.

Adrianne was a student at Seacoast School of Technology in Exeter, NH, and graduated in 2016 with a passion for graphic design. She is working on a variety of projects in the office, from our social media posts to our in-office flyers.

Adrianne worked in a healthcare setting for five years prior to joining You Holistic practice as an office manager/patient coordinator. Working directly with patients to make their office visit the best possible experience.

Adrianne is excited to learn all of the ins and outs of functional medicine. She enjoys working with patients and helping them reach their optimal health goals.

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